Monday, November 28, 2011

Room 6 Samoan Sasa

Hi everyone,

Room 6 have been learning about Globalisation and as part of this we have been learning about dances from around the world. We have particularly enjoyed learning a Samoan Sasa. Enjoy watching our performance!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My swing

Today I brought in my swing that I built on Saturday 18 of November and showed it to Room 3. I built it out of Mecano. Mecano is parts and pieces that you can make stuff with like my swing. You use nuts and bolts to hold the pieces together. I got my set when I was four and I lost the instructions so I built it from my imagination.

Have you built anything like this before, can you share it with us?

By Nicolai

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today I brought in my Pounamu (Greenstones) to share with Room 3.

The Pounamu is a rock found in rivers in New Zealand it is mostly made into necklaces but can be made into many other things as well. The first people to use it were Maori. Greenstones are very rare and has never been found in the North Island which is why the Maori name for the South Island is Te Waipounamu.

Do you have any information about other types of rocks?

By Caitlin

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Mathletics Star

Room 4 have been very motivated this week in mathletics and with the help of Olivia we were the 6th Top Class in New Zealand - Olivia was the No. 1 student in New Zealand!!

We were very proud and excited when we found out ....

Well done and congratulations Olivia - keep it up!!!
From Room 4 - Maths

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kid Pix African Drums

In room 4 we used kidpix to create our own African Drums, listen to the information that we have learnt about these drums.  Do you know any more facts about these drums?

by Sophie, Matthew, Sofia, Lily, Taegan and William
Room 4

African Drums

Did you know that in Africa drums are used to communicate ...

In year 3 we had a visit from Mohamed, an African drum master, he taught us how to play the drums and why they are important.   We hope you enjoy watching this video showing our morning with Mohamed.

Mrs P

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guy Fawkes Fun

This week in Room 3 we have been sharing our Guy Fawkes experiences. We wrote fantastic descriptions about the fireworks we saw and the fun we had with our family and friends. Here are some of our experiences.

We would love to hear what you did for Guy Fawkes. Please leave us a comment.

By Room 3

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Pasifika Mama's!

We had some lovely Pasifika Mama's visit us last week and share their experiences of living in the Pacific Islands. We were shown how to weave a head band, then we practiced Pacific style dance. We had great fun and learned a lot. Check out our slide show....

Our Pasifika Mama's were from....
Cook Islands

Have you been to any of these countries and could share your stories with us?

Room 2

Arty Thai Elephants

The Year 3's are learning about how the we connect to the world and the world connects to us. One of the cultures we are investigating is Thailand and we discovered that elephants play a significant part of Thai culture. Many of the artwork we found had golden elephants in them so our class decided to create some similiar art. We used gold crayons to draw our elephants and then we washed our pictures with dye.

We hope that you have enjoyed our art.
Can you share what you know about Thailand with us?
From Mr. Janse

Aboriginal Art

The year 3 children are learning about different cultural groups this term. Cultures around the world express their culture through visual art in different ways.

This week Room 1 were learning about the Aboriginal culture. This cultural group is apart of Australia. Their visual art is made up of 100's of dots. The people of this culture used to hide special messages and stories in their visual art. We painted our own aboriginal art.

Do you know how other cultural groups express their culture through visual art?

Thanks Room 1

Thursday, October 27, 2011

History of Rugby

In Room 1 we created a timeline of the History of the Rugby World Cup using the website Dipity. Did you know that rugby was first played in New Zealand in 1870. Do you know what city it was played in?

Room 1

History of the Rugby World Cup

In room 6 we looked back 24 years to learn about the history of the rugby world cup. We have included information about every time the RWC was played. Listen to the information and leave us a comment.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Visualising - Rockin Rooster

In our reading groups we have been learning to visualise. This means to create a picture in our head about the story. We read the story Rockin Rooster and then each of us chose a different part of the story to visualise. Can you use these pictures we have created to visualise what might be happening in the story?


Ella, Taylor, Eloise (Room 3)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Famous New Zealand Discoverers

In year 3 we have been learning about discovery. We learnt about some famous New Zealand discoverers, the reason why we are learning about famous New Zealand discoverers is because our sports groups are named after these people. Can you guess who they are?

By Faith, Charlotte, Toby and James (Room 6)

We're going on a Treasure Hunt ....

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. As part of our introduction to our Discovery learning this term we had a treasure hunt. Watch the photostory to see what fun we had discovering.

Sota, Manon and Olivia (Room 2)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Red Cape and Dangerous

We are now in a different country. Here we say "hola" for hello, and "si" for yes. I am in front of a famous building, where a sports event happens. This sport is very popular in this country and involves a man with a cape and an animal. Can you guess the sport, and the country. The city we are in is a big city in the Southern part of this country (at the bottom on the map) and begins with the letter "S".

Hasta luego room 4 and year 3..

from William Mc

Our Enviro Tour

Come and see my amazing Enviro Tour because it really shows our wonderful environment. I hope you like it!

By Amie

My Creative Photo Story

We are an Enviro School so I have this photo story to show you. I wonder what your Enviro School looks like. Feel free to comment. I hope you like it.

By Ryan

Come On My Enviro Tour!

In Room 6 at Meadowbank School we have been learning about the environment. In term 1 we learnt about sustainability and how we care for the Earth. I hope you enjoy my photo story. Feel free to comment on how you can relate to this. By James

Friday, June 3, 2011

South Morningside Primary - Edinburgh

This week room 4 skyped Miss Fair from South Morningside Primary in Edinburgh. It was morning time for us and when Miss Fair moved her camera to the window it was pitch black. She is behind us in days.

Miss Fair is a year 4 teacher and she has a very different accent because she is from Scotland. It was a bit freaky because we were talking to someone on the other side of the world!!!! We talked all about our school. We explained to her that we are an Environmental School which means we take care of our gardens, have lots of trees, a worm farm, our gully and we work hard to be sustainable in this school. We have recycling bins and if we have any food scraps we put them in the worm bins and then they get taken to the worm farm by the year 3 worm farm monitors. The worms eat the scraps make worm poo and worm tea and we put it on our plants to keep healthy and strong.

We are going to make some videos for the kids at South Morningside so they can see what our school is like.

by Matthew E and Jonathon G
Room 4

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where In The World Is William Mc ......

Hi Everyone

We have made it to Europe and we stayed in a very big city.  In this city there are lots of very old buildings and also a very tall and famous tower.  Here we say bonjour for hello and we also eat lots of baguette and croissant.  Can you guess the country, city and the famous tower?

Hope my photo gives you a clue if you have any information on the famous tower I can let you know if you are right? 


Where In The World Is William Mc ......

This term one of our year 3 students left to go on an adventure "Around the World in 2 Terms".  Using our year 3 blogsite we are going to follow William Mc on his travels and try and guess what the amazing places are he visits. 

While he is away William Mc will send us some photos and give us some clues about where he has been or where he is right now.  Our challenge will be to use the clues to post a comment back to William Mc telling him where we think he might be...

We are going to learn lots of information about different countries around the world and it will fun to see William and his family along the way.

Keep visiting our blog to find "Where In The World Is William Mc" ......

Mrs Pittaway

A morning with Paula Green

Last Tuesday Paula Green came to visit Meadowbank School. Fiona (our librarian) invited Paula Green so we would be inspired to write poems.

Paula Green is a New Zealand poetry author and he favourite author is Margaret Mahy. She lives at Bethells Beach with 3 cats and 2 dogs. Charlie one of her cats is fat and famous because she wrote two poems about him. Her husband illustrates her poems.

Mrs Green gave us a challenge to write the smallest poem, it had only 10 words, one for each finger and "My Bicycle" poem.

We thought she was amazing and we are going to put some of our own poems on our blog.

Charlotte, Shiva, Grace, McKenzie
Siva, Lilou - Room 6

Friday, April 15, 2011

Room 4's Best Time with Grumpy

Walt : use our voices to share our week with Grumpy.

During the week Grumpy came to room 4. We were working super hard so we got Grumpy. Here is some of the funny things that Grumpy did in Room 4. Grumpy had a great time with his friends. by Room 4.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our New Name!!!

At last year 3 has a new name for our blog - Welcome to Our World. We voted for our favourite name using a google survey, 39 children voted for this name. We think they choose this name because it sounds exciting and it makes you want to come and see what we are doing in year 3.

Please read what is happening and leave us some comments.

Manon, James and Toby D
Room 2

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day.  This day is making us focus our attention on the importance of "safe drinking water".  Last Friday at Meadowbank we had a huge "rainstorm" our drains and gutters were overflowing.  Our water tanks are now full again and we can use the rain water on our gardens instead of using our precious "safe drinking water" from the taps.  Leave us a comment if you have any ideas or ways you save precious water.

By Mrs P

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buddy Reading in Room 3

Reading With Our Buddy Class Slideshow: Room’s trip to Auckland, North Island, New Zealand was created by TripAdvisor. See another Auckland slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

Our buddy class at Meadowbank School is Room 10. Here are some pictures of our two classes sharing some exciting books. We used Tripadviser to create this slide show.

By Room 3

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trikids at Meadowbank

Walt : make a post on our blog.
Walt : use photostory to present our pictures

On Thursday in week four straight after morning tea, room 3 and 4 did a triathalon called Trikids on the large senior field.  Our coaches were called Mark, Guy and Ashley.  We did it because some of use had never done a triathalon before, so we gave it a try.

Firstly we got into our groups. Then the first person went down to the pool with one of the trikid leaders. Her name was Ashley. Next you had to run back up and get on your bike, you had to do two laps of riding your bike. as soon as you had done that you had to go straight into running. Once they had got back the next person would go.  I was the second person.  When it  was my turn I was so excited. When it was finished
we congratulated everyone.  I was so tired I lost my breathe.

by Ava, Nicolai, Caitlin - Room 3

Planting our Sunflower Plants

Walt : make a post on our blog.
Walt : use photostory to present our pictures

On Thursday morning Room 6 walked like a mouse, over to the Puriri tree and sat down and waited quietly for our sunflower lesson to begin.  Room 6 went because we needed to plant our sunflowers because they were getting to big in the little pots.

First we had to dig a hole so that we could all put our sunflowers into our holes.  Then Room 6 carefully put the sunflowers into the holes and covered them with dirt.  Next we all had to push our hands around the sunflower because they had to stay down.

Room 6 are looking forward to watching the sunflowers growing.
by Charlotte, Achindra, Toby, Shiva - Room 6

Room 1, 3, 6 Assembly

Walt : independently create a post on our blog.
Walt : independently use photostory to present our pictures

On Friday we walked to our assembly. We sat on the stage. Then Mikayla said "Please stand for the National Anthem". Next Holly said "Birthday people please stand". All of a sudden people were standing up and we sang let the games begin twice.

After that Miss Cocroft, Miss Hart, Miss Callister and Mr Baker had to do the ski run to show teamwork.

Lastly Olivia said "Please hand out the awards".

by Kyle, Bridget, Reece - Room 1

Chinese Puppet Show

Walt : independently create a post on our blog.
Walt : independently use photostory to present pictures.

On Tuesday 22nd February 2011 at 2pm the whole school went to the school hall to see a puppet show. Firstly a lady introduced the puppeteers. We watched the ribbon dance. A boy and a girl got to hold the puppets.

Secondly we saw a Michael Jackson puppet. It was really funny. We got to see Romeo and Juliet. Romeo put a flower in Juliets hair. After that we saw a pop singer with four dances. It was the funniest one. Later on we saw a puppet panda. It painted a picture of himself eating bamboo.
Lastly we watched a mask changing one. It was my favorite one because it changed faces and blew fire out of it's mouth.

I really liked it because Michael Jackson was really funny. I hope they come back again.
by Manon, James, Toby - Room 2

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Marble Run

Walt : write independently.

The marble run at Meadowbank School is made out of pipes, ground and concrete. It is an awesome marble run for lots of reasons, like meeting up with friends, playing and exploring the bushes that are nearby.

by Campbell - Room 4

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kia Ora, Ni Hao, Hello

Welcome to our year 3 blogsite. The students and year 3 teachers are going to be extra busy throughout the year keeping you all up to date with what is happening at Meadowbank Primary School. First we need to decide on a name for our blog so watch this space in the next few days as we complete a survey using google documents to vote on the most popular name.

Year 3 Teachers.