Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Pasifika Mama's!

We had some lovely Pasifika Mama's visit us last week and share their experiences of living in the Pacific Islands. We were shown how to weave a head band, then we practiced Pacific style dance. We had great fun and learned a lot. Check out our slide show....

Our Pasifika Mama's were from....
Cook Islands

Have you been to any of these countries and could share your stories with us?

Room 2


  1. I thought the weaving of the headbands was pretty hard because it was confusing and it was the first time I have ever done that.

    I have never been to the pacific islands but I would love to go to Hawaii - I think it would be relaxing.


  2. Hi Room 2

    I have been to Fiji before as well as Hawaii. In Fiji there is a hot island called Shell Island. There is a legend going around Fiji that people actually live in shells on this island.

    Fiji and Hawaii are both part of a group of islands in the pacific ocean.

    From Ava

  3. Hi room 2

    I have been to Hawaii before and I went to the Dole pineapple plantation. I also went snorkeling in the warm waters of Waikiki. After I went snorkeling I saw some dolphins.

    There are five main islands that make up Hawaii and lots of little ones too.

    Hawaii is well known for holidays because it is always warm it does has a rainy season but even the rain is warm!


  4. Hi Room 2

    I have been to Fiji and I have heard legends going around.In Fiji they do weaving and I have weaved a hat.

    From Charlotte

  5. hi room 2
    i thought weaving was pretty hard but dancing was easy i really want to go to Hawaii
    kind regards lachlan douglas

  6. Hi Room 2
    I have been to a pacific island before and it was Samoa.I have heard that they have got some water from another country or island.In Samoa they do
    weaving also sometimes they have no power at all.
    From Nicodemus

  7. I have been to fiji & rarotonga when I was little.
    I don't remember going there.
    from ailsa hart,room 1

  8. Hi Room 2
    I have never been to Fiji but i really want to go
    because I know that you can get your hair braided.
    Fiji seems like a beautiful place to have a holiday.

    From Amelia

  9. Hi room 2,
    I have been to Tahiti and I went diving with my family.We had the best time there and it was not to hot and the pools were great.

    Thanks Cristina

  10. Hi room 2
    No, I have never been to Fiji.I would love to go there.I know there are hot pools.Fiji seems very hot.from sofia.

  11. Hi room 2

    I’ve been to Hawaii. Hawaii has clean water and yum food. It would be good if I can go back.

    From Charlie

  12. Hello room 2,

    I haven't been to any of these countries yet,
    but I would like to go to Fiji because it seems so relaxing there. You also get to get your hair braided and you get to swim in the pools and all sorts of stuff! I've always wanted to get my hair braided, and the best place I know to get your hair braided... Fiji!



  13. Hi room2

    I have never been to fiji or tahiti before but I relly want to go to one of those countries because it sounds cool!

    kind regards josh d

  14. Hi there,(room 2)

    I found it easy to do the headband. I thought it was like plating. I liked the drum part the most. The dance was easy as well. And the slide show was really cool.

    From Isabeau.

  15. Hi Room 2

    I went to Fiji when I was 1. In Fiji bula means hello.

    from Bella

  16. Hi room 2 i have not been to any of the pacific
    Islands. but i would LOVE to go to Hawaii. I wonder what its like there.
    kind regards Savanah Genet.

  17. I have bean to fiji and here is some facts about Fiji. It is hot and it has luvly blue worta by Isabella

  18. Hi room 2

    I have been to Vanavatu which was amazing experience. I love the french food and I had french bread and chocolate mousse.I swam in the pool and stayed at Le Lagoon. I love my family and cousins
    by sammy

  19. Hi everyone

    I have been to Rarotonga and Figi,they were both very very hot!they are good places for snorkling.I had so much fun weaving, but I would really like to go to hawaii.

    from olivia

  20. Hi room 2! I went to Fiji when I was 4. I was lucky enough to get my hair braided. I loved swimming in the big pool in the resort everyday.

    From Alicia

  21. I went to Tahiti when i was 4. My cousin got married there. In Tahiti they speak French and we stayed there for 8 days.It was boiling.
    Jessica Room 4.

  22. Hi room 4,

    We travelled to New Caledonia on a cruise vessel
    called 'Pacific Sun' and had a perfect holiday.
    New Caledonia is an archipelogo located in the Western Pacific Ocean.
    We visited Noumea the capital city, the Isle of Pines and the Loyalty Islands.
    I would like to go to Hawaii one day.

    From William Knight

  23. Hi room 4,

    I have not been to any Pacific Island, but I would like to go to Fiji. My mum has been to Hawaii. Mum said that Hawaii is very hot and very beautiful. Hawaii is made up of 8 main islands, the largest island is called the Big Island and is a volcanic island.

    Aloha, Alysha

  24. Hi room 2 i have been to waiheke and fiji mana island it was hot and fun.

    Logan moss room 2