Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Red Cape and Dangerous

We are now in a different country. Here we say "hola" for hello, and "si" for yes. I am in front of a famous building, where a sports event happens. This sport is very popular in this country and involves a man with a cape and an animal. Can you guess the sport, and the country. The city we are in is a big city in the Southern part of this country (at the bottom on the map) and begins with the letter "S".

Hasta luego room 4 and year 3..

from William Mc

Our Enviro Tour

Come and see my amazing Enviro Tour because it really shows our wonderful environment. I hope you like it!

By Amie

My Creative Photo Story

We are an Enviro School so I have this photo story to show you. I wonder what your Enviro School looks like. Feel free to comment. I hope you like it.

By Ryan

Come On My Enviro Tour!

In Room 6 at Meadowbank School we have been learning about the environment. In term 1 we learnt about sustainability and how we care for the Earth. I hope you enjoy my photo story. Feel free to comment on how you can relate to this. By James

Friday, June 3, 2011

South Morningside Primary - Edinburgh

This week room 4 skyped Miss Fair from South Morningside Primary in Edinburgh. It was morning time for us and when Miss Fair moved her camera to the window it was pitch black. She is behind us in days.

Miss Fair is a year 4 teacher and she has a very different accent because she is from Scotland. It was a bit freaky because we were talking to someone on the other side of the world!!!! We talked all about our school. We explained to her that we are an Environmental School which means we take care of our gardens, have lots of trees, a worm farm, our gully and we work hard to be sustainable in this school. We have recycling bins and if we have any food scraps we put them in the worm bins and then they get taken to the worm farm by the year 3 worm farm monitors. The worms eat the scraps make worm poo and worm tea and we put it on our plants to keep healthy and strong.

We are going to make some videos for the kids at South Morningside so they can see what our school is like.

by Matthew E and Jonathon G
Room 4