Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where In The World Is William Mc ......

Hi Everyone

We have made it to Europe and we stayed in a very big city.  In this city there are lots of very old buildings and also a very tall and famous tower.  Here we say bonjour for hello and we also eat lots of baguette and croissant.  Can you guess the country, city and the famous tower?

Hope my photo gives you a clue if you have any information on the famous tower I can let you know if you are right? 


Where In The World Is William Mc ......

This term one of our year 3 students left to go on an adventure "Around the World in 2 Terms".  Using our year 3 blogsite we are going to follow William Mc on his travels and try and guess what the amazing places are he visits. 

While he is away William Mc will send us some photos and give us some clues about where he has been or where he is right now.  Our challenge will be to use the clues to post a comment back to William Mc telling him where we think he might be...

We are going to learn lots of information about different countries around the world and it will fun to see William and his family along the way.

Keep visiting our blog to find "Where In The World Is William Mc" ......

Mrs Pittaway

A morning with Paula Green

Last Tuesday Paula Green came to visit Meadowbank School. Fiona (our librarian) invited Paula Green so we would be inspired to write poems.

Paula Green is a New Zealand poetry author and he favourite author is Margaret Mahy. She lives at Bethells Beach with 3 cats and 2 dogs. Charlie one of her cats is fat and famous because she wrote two poems about him. Her husband illustrates her poems.

Mrs Green gave us a challenge to write the smallest poem, it had only 10 words, one for each finger and "My Bicycle" poem.

We thought she was amazing and we are going to put some of our own poems on our blog.

Charlotte, Shiva, Grace, McKenzie
Siva, Lilou - Room 6