Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aboriginal Art

The year 3 children are learning about different cultural groups this term. Cultures around the world express their culture through visual art in different ways.

This week Room 1 were learning about the Aboriginal culture. This cultural group is apart of Australia. Their visual art is made up of 100's of dots. The people of this culture used to hide special messages and stories in their visual art. We painted our own aboriginal art.

Do you know how other cultural groups express their culture through visual art?

Thanks Room 1


  1. other groups express their culture on their bodies by William scott.

  2. The Pasific people make tapa cloth and wooden carving to express their art and culture.

  3. The Indian culture use mahindi art for their visual art. In India, they have diwali which is called the festival of lights.

    Hope you like it.
    From Reece and Holly

  4. To room 1

    We know abariginal art can tell stories and you use earbuds to paint the dots. We love your art and we enjoyed doing it

    Eloise & Hannah