Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arty Thai Elephants

The Year 3's are learning about how the we connect to the world and the world connects to us. One of the cultures we are investigating is Thailand and we discovered that elephants play a significant part of Thai culture. Many of the artwork we found had golden elephants in them so our class decided to create some similiar art. We used gold crayons to draw our elephants and then we washed our pictures with dye.

We hope that you have enjoyed our art.
Can you share what you know about Thailand with us?
From Mr. Janse


  1. Hi Mr Janse,

    Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and has had lots of floods lately. Thailand is in Southeast Asia and has lots of Buddhas.


  2. Thailands capital is bangkok. Thailand is a very big country. The population of Thailand is 66,506,554. The countries that neighbour Thailand are Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia.The current king of Thailand is King Bhumibol Adulyadej.from sofia.

  3. I like eating Thai food such as Money Bags.

    Will.S Room 3

  4. Hi Room 3,

    I know that Thailand means "land of the free". In the olden days it was called Siam.

    The symbols of Thailand are elephants and gold.

    The King and Queen live in a temple.

    The Mekong River, the longest river in Southeast Asia, forms a border between Thailand and Laos.

    From Ava

  5. Hi Mr.Janse,when I went to Thailand and at my class I learnt lots of different things.I learnt that Buddihism is their religon, Bangkok is the capital city,Thai boxing is one of their most common sports,Baht is their currency and I learnt lots more. When I went there I found it very warm,relaxing and comfortable.
    If you have been to Thailand how did you feel?


  6. Hi Nicolai

    I haven't been to Thailand myself but would love to go there someday. It sounds like a fantastic place to have a relaxing holiday in the sun. I have been to Cambodia which is a neighbouring country and the weather is very similiar. I enjoyed learning about their culture when I was there and seeing how they lived.

    Thank you for posting a comment and for your question.

  7. Hi room 3,

    those arty Thai elephants are really cool.
    I've went to Thailand and my brother went on on off the Thai elephants. I didn't go on it because I was scared but that was only when I was two.

    From Isabeau.

  8. Hi room 2,

    I have been to Fiji and I've got lots of souvenirs from there. the Fijians use chisels to carve pictures on trees, rocks and shells.

    From Ben C

  9. Hi!

    Thailand is in the Southeast Asia. It has had lots of floods lately.


  10. kia ora

    thailand is a popular place. people go to thailand for holidays becuse of the many beutiful beaches.

    stella portass